For Tannis Biddell, a home is far more than a house in a neighbourhood. It’s a welcoming hub where kids land and friends and families connect. Ultimately, Tannis believes that finding physical spaces to support who we are and how we live can enhance our day-to-day lives. She also knows first-hand that changing homes can be a big deal so offers her unique mix of sensitivity and tenacious energy to those looking for a positive transition.

Always focused on the right fit, Tannis has an innate ability to connect with the person behind the property – their wants and their wishes – and then translate it all into what can be. She has a knack for visualizing spaces, anticipating needs and creating a deal that works.

Real estate is the perfect intersection of Tannis’ human instincts and her keen interest in home development & design.  With an entrepreneurial background (Business Owner, Publisher, and Director of Sales), Tannis knows how critical the numbers, details, and timing are in any transaction. She’s also able to navigate the personal and/or family factors in the middle of a deal and draws on her own life experiences to connect all the dots.

Relatable and real, Tannis graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology/Economics). Tannis has spent most of her life in Calgary, aligned with the people, communities, and spaces she ultimately calls home.