“Life has a funny way of preparing you for your future without your knowledge.”

Playing football in Reilly’s youth and teen years developed in him a firm understanding of what it means to be a Team Player and the need for both offence and defence, each with their own timing, purposes and goals.

Leadership skills were also learned and developed on the field and have enabled Reilly to set himself apart as a realtor, but even more so, as an individual.

Calgary has been home to Reilly since his youth. He grew up in downtown and South Calgary areas and has an intimate understanding of local real estate needs and opportunities.

Reilly is keenly focused on his clients needs. When given the chance to meet new customers and hear the goals they have; he attaches to their vision allowing their goals to become his own. Life, education and time have developed in Reilly a love for connecting and serving his clients. For that he is forever grateful.

It is with the same gratitude that Reilly approaches seeking to understand everyone’s circumstances. In his own life, the ebb and flow of learning has enabled him to have a gracious understanding of what life can throw at someone unexpectedly; both in blessing and difficulty. This is why community growth and interaction is incredibly important to Reilly. Whether it be volunteering at several Calgary facilities serving those in need, or partnering with initiatives that seek to steer attitude and motivations in personal growth (ask him for details) Reilly takes connection and connecting to community very seriously.

There are 0 Bad Days, there are only opportunities to change our perspective, to set goals, to conquer fears and to see the formation of dreams coming to fruition.

In any facet, in any form, if there is an opportunity to be involved in helping you achieve any of your goals, PLEASE don’t hesitate to call.